I periodically take on consultancy, private tutoring and workshop clients.


I use my experience in the creative sector to help people towards business and artistic goals.

I’ve helped:

  • tech companies understand how to work with artists and producers

  • startup founders improve their speechmaking and presentation skills

  • theatres to implement technology to improve their process efficiency 

  • theatre companies conceive of fundraising plans 

  • producers with the tools to negotiate with creatives

  • writers understand how to work with commercial producers

  • production companies negotiate with international co- production partners

  • artist support organisations research on how to enable artist success

  • performer / creators do social and political risk assessments of their work

Some of my previous clients can be found above.

Remember, every hour in thorough preparation and education will reap dividends in the implementation of your goals.

Work is priced according to it's nature and time commitment. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements. I look forward to hearing from you.


Consultancy Tutoring

creative Expertise at your  fingertips


Most consultants can solve a problem for you, but it takes an exceptional one like Hannah to teach you how to solve it for yourself.

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