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An image of Luke Lane (who plays Quentin Dentin) in a white suit and gold tie, smiling at the camera.


The Quentin Dentin Show

Original Cast Recording


Music and Lyrics by Henry Carpenter*

Produced and Mixed by Paul Garred

Executive Producer Hannah Elsy for Elsy Entertainment

Recorded at Redbury Studios, London

Mastered at Abbey Road Studios by Simon Gibson

*Except for ‘Life’ which has Music and Lyrics by Henry Carpenter and Paul Garred

Quentin Dentin – Luke Lane

Nat – Shauna Riley

Keith – Max Panks

Friend 1 / Goldie – Katie Ray

Friend 2 – Lottie-Daisy Francis

Keys, Synth, Vocals – Henry Carpenter

Guitar – Mickey Howard

Drums – Archie Wolfman

Additional Vocals on ‘Radio Interruption’ and ‘All Together Now’ – Paul Garred

Bass Guitar and Additional Synth on ‘All Together Now’ – Paul Garred

Guitar Parts written by Mickey Howard

Arrangement by Henry Carpenter, Paul Garred, Mickey Howard, Archie Wolfman

Choreography for Cast Album launch night – Adrianna Pawłowska


★★★★★ ‘This recording is a gift. At last, the chance to let the many hooks of this spiky pop/rock head-ride do their wormy business.’ – Entertainment Focus

★★★★ ‘It certainly did enough to leave me wanting more and is refreshingly different from the jukebox musicals that simply raid an artistes back catalogue.’ – Pocket Sized Theatre

★★★★ ‘I enjoyed it so much I had to play it again.’ – London Theatre 1

★★★★ ‘It’s very rock and roll’ –

★★★★  ‘Sure to surprise and delight in equal measure’. – Theatre Weekly

‘Henry Carpenter’s music and lyrics as delivered by Luke Lane are day-glo bright and sparklingly full of character.’ – Ought To Be Clowns


‘Very catchy and fun to listen to’ – Hayley Sprout Blog

‘The Quentin Dentin TV Show’ played on Elaine Paige on Sunday, BBC Radio 4 on 19/08/2018

Quentin Dentin interview with West End Wilma 

Exclusive interview with album producer Paul Garred with - The Mirror Celebrity


Exclusive release of The Quentin Dentin Show music video with - The Mirror Celebrity

I enjoyed it so much I had to play it again

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