Unicorn Party

‘While unicorns used to be ‘a queer symbol of self-acceptance and empowerment, that’s been co-opted and commercialised’ into something ‘cutesy’, pink and plastic.’ – Interview with Nick Field in Exeunt

★★★★ ‘Combines a fascinating history of the unicorn with a sociopolitical critique of the uses of fantasy’  – The Scotsman

‘Angry, glitzy and at times charmingly slapdash, it’s a multicoloured mishmash that comes together with persuasive clarity’ – Exeunt

ZOO Playground, Playground 1 (Venue 186) @ The Edinburgh Fringe 

August 11th – 17th & August 19th – 26th

Written and Performed by Nick Field

Unicorns, have you noticed they’re everywhere right now? As is the far right. This hilarious, rollicking, razor-sharp show asks what the simultaneous rise of these phenomenons tells us. Hunting the omnipresent one-horned icon across civilisations to explore how ideologies spread and our imaginations become capitalised, Nick Field envisions a dystopian Unicorn Fascist State Britain. When the unicorns take control, there’s only one thing to do – throw a party. That’s an order! Unicorn Party is a riff of satirical comedy, power ballads, myth-making, and copious glitter, to take a sneaky gawp at what happens when escapism becomes inescapable.