I, Incel was generously supported by the St Paul’s School Drama Department with a residency in the Samuel Pepys Theatre

Samuel Pepys Theatre, St Paul’s School, 31st January 2020

By Chris Montague of Attila Theatre

Self-identifying ‘Incels’ (involuntary celibates), an online subculture mostly consisting of white, male heterosexuals, have been responsible for at least four mass murders in North America. The neck bearded online gamer who lives in his mother’s basement stereotype is certainly at play here, but incels have become something much more dangerous.

Often taking refuge in online chat rooms, incels experience a cycle of loneliness, self-loathing and rage which can be impossible to escape, however begins in something that everyone experiences; anxiety over sex and virginity.

Attila Theatre investigate incel phenomenon, it’s origins, lore and explore why these men feel entitled to sex and endorse violence towards sexually active people. They love women and want to have sex with them so much (but cannot), that they hate women and want to kill them. There’s a lot to unpick here.

Whether you’re a Chad, a Stacy or a ‘nice guy’™ who has black pilled himself so far into his fedora that you cannot see a way out, I, Incel offers an insight into this part of the manosphere which shouldn’t be ignored.