A Disappearing Act

“Endless depths of poignancy, mystery and merriment” – City Pages, Minneapolis

“A bewildering display of artifice focusing on the thin line between laughter and grief” – The Wee Review

Greenwich Theatre, 9th & 10th September 2019

By Single Shoe Productions

The great magician, Philip Winterbottom, cordially requests your presence for his final act. Sadly, he’s dead. So…he won’t be there. But, he’s left his son and his assistant very clear instructions for his memorial. Join Philip’s family and friends for one final disappearing act.

Incorporating magic, music and physical comedy, A Disappearing Act is an interactive, immersive show where the audience takes part as mourners attending a memorial service for a deceased magician.

A comedy about how we want to be remembered and what we hope people will forget, A Disappearing Act explores our mortality, the rituals we use to accept it, say goodbye and remember the ones we love. Come take part in a memorial you won’t forget. Limited capacity, early booking advised.