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Producers'​ diary - livestreaming a new musical comedy around the world

Harry Blake and Alice Keedwell performing 'Everything Is Absolutely Fine'​ at The Lowry in 2019, Credit Trust A Fox photography.

I’m glowing with pride that the new musical I am producing, Everything Is Absolutely Fine is finally being live streamed around the world from Oxford, UK on the 15th May 2021 at 7.30pm BST.

This musical follows the misadventures of Alice, who moves out of the city to the suburbs and experiences extreme anxiety as she struggles to fit in to her new community socially, and also work her demanding job in the health and social care sector as an Occupational Therapist. Her anxiety is personified on stage as a bitchy, deadpan Emcee figure, played hilariously by Harry Blake, who has written the music and songs for this musical.

We see Alice battle with anxiety as she shops in Waitrose, socialises at her local pub, and continues to provide care for others in her job – when she also really needs to take care of herself. When we performed this show before the pandemic at The Lowry in 2019, the audience saw elements of their lived experiences in Alice’s, laughed and cried with her.

Now, in a global pandemic, we are all Alice because we are all anxious about something. Big life decisions have been sped up by Covid: professionals have fled London to the suburbs[1] to have a private outdoor space, or to be with family, and are anxiously integrating themselves into new communities. A trip to the supermarket still has a frisson of danger – what if the anti-vaxxers don’t social distance in the checkout queue? And walking past my local Wetherspoons packed to the rafters last weekend made me extremely anxious about going back to the pub. This musical, which was poignant to begin with, has never felt more apt.

Join us on Saturday 15th May via livestream at 7.30pm BST to watch this sublime piece.

Thank you to the Cameron Grant Memorial Trust and 11 generous donors for their unwavering support of the show.

Below is the creative team who have pulled together with patience and professionalism to make the show possible in a global pandemic. Vive la musical theatre!


Alice – Alice Keedwell

Anxiety – Harry Blake


Written by Alice Keedwell

Music and Lyrics by Harry Blake

Livestream Directed by Valentina Ceschi

Lighting Design by Richard Williamson

Choreography by Jennifer Fletcher

Consultant Design by Emma Bailey

Associate Design by Natalie Johnson

The Assistant Producer for Hannah Elsy Productions is Shaun Nolan


Relighting by Dave Glover

Livestreaming by Theatrical.Solutions


Poster Design by Alex Harwood

Poster Photography by Corinne Cumming

Supporters and Funders

Created using public funding from Arts Council England

Developed with The Lowry


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