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A still from a performance of ‘I Have A Bad Feeling About This’. A man is playing a keyboard and speaking into a microphone while a woman next to him holds a microphone.


I Have  A Bad Feeling About This



Alice is newly married, has quit her job and moved to Berkhamsted (it’s in Hertfordshire) and it’s the best thing she’s ever done! She is going to be the woman she’s always wanted to be, cool and calm and free. She’s going to leave her self-loathing and destructive old friend anxiety firmly behind her and make NEW friends and they will LOVE the new her. BUT…. her old friend has other ideas. Will she win the battle and leave anxiety behind forever?


House of Blakewell are Harry Blake and Alice Keedwell.


★★★★★ ‘A packed and very rewarding experience’ –

★★★★ The Live Review

‘It entertains. But, it also probes questions about our own insecurities, self-doubt and social angst’ – South West Londoner

A packed and very rewarding experience

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