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Originating & Lead Producer

Dumbledore Is So Gay


***Nominated for FOUR Off West End awards: Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Lighting Design***

It ain't easy being Jack...

He got sorted into Hufflepuff using the official online quiz, hates studying French, and is in love with his best friend Ollie. Dodging bullies, keeping secrets, and trying to get the guy is too much for Jack to take. So, he pulls out his trusty Time Turner and does it all over again. Maybe this time he’ll get into Gryffindor.

Dumbledore Is So Gay is a nostalgic hug to coming of age, coming out, and growing up with Harry Potter.

Dumbledore Is So Gay is not set in, nor does it feature any characters or plotlines from, the Wizarding World. Nor is it authorised, sanctioned, licenced or endorsed by J.K. Rowling, Warner Brothers or anyone associated with the Wizarding World franchise.

Credits for the Southwark Playhouse Production


Alex Britt – Jack

Charlotte Dowding – Gemma, Sally, Madame Dubois and more

Martin Sarreal – Ollie, Martin and more



Written by Robert Holtom
Directed by Tom Wright

Set and Costume Designer – Natalie Johnson
Lighting Designer – Rory Beaton
Composer and Sound Designer – Peter Wilson

Movement Director – Rachael Nanyonjo

Associate Director – Jennifer Davis

Associate Designer  Ryan Webster 

Intimacy Director – Robbie Taylor Hunt

Dramaturgy – Tom Wright

Dramaturgical Support – David Alpert, Joanne Skapinker 



Produced by Hannah Elsy Productions with Jon Kingsley

General Management – Hannah Elsy Productions

Production Management – New Wolf Productions

Production Marketeer – Adele Curtis

Press – Chloe Nelkin Consulting 

Production Counsel – Jonathan Hull Associates LLP

Accountancy – Andy Williamson for Nyman Libson Paul

Stage Manager – Tamasin Cook 

Production Electrician and LX Programmer – Stanley Olden 

Production Artwork – Alex Harwood

Original Artwork Design – James Holtom 

Artwork Photography – Gabriel Mokake

Programme Design –  Silvester Design

Production Photography –  David Jensen

Special Thanks – Aviva Michelman Dumas, Tom O'Connell, Joe Longthorne, James Seabright

Thanks – Zita Abila, Adrian Lumley, Emma Martin, Alyssa McDevitt, Ben Sassoon



★★★★★ ‘Irresistible’ – The Daily Express

★★★★★  ‘Sizzles with wit and humour’ – Broadway World

'An infectious display of optimism... I couldn't stop beaming' – The Guardian

★★★★★ 'Excellent storytelling to rival even what JK comes up with’ – Boyz Magazine

★★★★ ‘Joyous’ – The Stage


'I'll eat my sorting hat if this doesn't have further life' – Lyn Gardner for StageDoorApp

★★★★★ ‘A wonderfully poignant but uplifting play that will undoubtedly touch the hearts of anyone who sees it’ – Theatre Weekly

'A play about role models and friendship, queerness in all its forms and the bravery of speaking truth in the face of hatred... it ends on a note of optimism that’s a gift to young audiences' - Attitude Magazine


★★★★ ‘Robert Holtom's witty, beautiful and heartwarming play' –


★★★★ and a half ‘Extremely uplifting’ – London Theatre Reviews

★★★★ and a half ‘A sparkling coming of age comedy’ –
 The Reviews Hub

★★★★ ‘Deserves to be seen by the widest audience possible’ – A Younger Theatre


★★★★ 'the structure of the show is tuned to perfection' – LondonCityNights


★★★★ – ReviewsGate

‘The play is flawless’

‘Audiences laughed the whole way through, we’d love to see this show be given a future’  The
Leaky Cauldron

'The queer coming-of-age story Harry Potter fans deserve' – Pink News

‘Forget trying to get your Friday Forty tickets to Cursed Child. Dumbledore is So Gay is a play so
good you won’t need a philosopher’s stone to give you life.’
 The Play’s The Thing UK

‘Now, I am usually not the one to say it, or let alone to open a review by claiming that
something is a must-see, but… I will make an exception this time’
 Barbara Kolaric via Medium

‘An unqualified WOW for Dumbledore is So Gay’  Lou Reviews Blog

‘Witty and heartwarming’  Bespoke Black Book

I’ll eat my sorting hat if this doesn’t have further life

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