Queen C*nt: Sacred or Profane?

‘Feminism encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians…’ Come and see us do all of this – and more!

The Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol, November 9th & 10th 2018
Women of the World Festival Cardiff, November 24th 2018
The Acorn, Penzance, February 8th 2019
Falmouth Poly, February 9th 2019
The Bunker Theatre, London, 10th & 11th March 2019
Merlin Theatre, Froome, 16th March 2019
“Feels so richly topical, so multi-directional and so alive… Like their surrealist counterparts The Mighty Boosh, Ward & Fish are gifted performers.” ★★★★ Bristol 24/7
“A queerly delightful sketch show that packs a political punch.” ★★★★ LGBTQ Arts
“A c*nt-troversal contemporary Vagina Monologues, dripping with dark humour… A stunning kaleidoscope of character changes… a celebration of women, pleasure and the many differing shades of sexuality… this show will change lives.” – Weston-Super-Mum

UK Tour, Autumn 2018 – Spring 2019


Created and Performed by Deborah Antionette Ward and China Blue Fish

Produced by Hannah Elsy Productions
Outside Eye by Holly Stoppit
Performing Stage Manager – Ella Evans/ Pip Hambly
Set Design and Flyer Illustration by Rose Popay
Projected Performance by Naomi Smyth
Prosthetics & Special Effects by Cecilia Brzzone
Costumier – Susie Glatt
Will Leighton – Sound and Light Technician
Supported by Arts Council England
Presented in partnership with Lunette Cup

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